The Winter Indoor Classic is being conducted in accordance with established tournament procedures and current US Indoor Soccer Association - Official Rules of Indoor Soccer, except as tailored to suit the unique circumstances of the Classic. The following guidelines and rules may be unique to this particular tournament.

1. ELIGIBILITY: If you discover that you are registered in the wrong age bracket or gender, please send an e-mail to registration at broomfieldsoccerclub dot org IMMEDIATELY.

Fall 2013 – Spring 2014

U15-U16 ('97s & '98s) Boys or Girls 8/1/97 – 7/31/99

U14 ('99s) Boys or Girls 8/1/99 – 7/31/00

U13 ('00s) Boys or Girls 8/1/00 – 7/31/01

U12 ('01s) Boys or Girls 8/1/01 – 7/31/02

U11 ('02s) Boys or Girls 8/1/02 – 7/31/03

U10 ('03s) Boys or Girls 8/1/03 – 7/31/04

2. ROSTER SIZE: Minimum 6 players, Maximum 16 players.

3. PLAYER PASSES: Player passes are not required for this event.

4. PROTESTS: Protests regarding games or their outcome will not be entertained. Questions of eligibility must be addressed with the site managers and/or tournament staff.

5. TOURNAMENT OFFICIALS: The tournament committee reserves the right to change tournament rules to accommodate unforeseen circumstances and to benefit the players.

6. BLOOD-BORNE PATHOGEN PROCEDURES: The following procedures will be followed to minimize the risk of infection by blood-borne diseases. Any player or official who is bleeding must leave the field of play immediately to receive medical treatment, and may not return until the situation is corrected to the satisfaction of the referee as follows. The bleeding is stopped, the blood has been removed from the skin surface, the contaminated skin has been disinfected, and the wound is covered. If there is blood on the uniform, it must be washed from the uniform and the uniform disinfected.

7. TOURNAMENT CANCELLATION: If tournament is cancelled before the start, the registration fee less a processing fee will be refunded.

8. GAME CARDS: Game scores will be recorded by staff with scores posted in the Main Lobby.

9. TOURNAMENT ENTRY FEE: The tournament entry fee is $275 per team.



  • All teams must have an adult at least 21 years of age on the bench.
  • Tournament Staff and/or Apex management shall have the authority to eject from the indoor soccer facility any person acting in violation of facility rules and regulations.
  • No Spitting on the field or bench areas: players or coaches may be ejected for violating this rule.
  • No Kicking balls anywhere other than designated warm-up areas: there are designated warm up areas for each field for each side that you can use to get your team ready to play.
  • All children need to be supervised by an adult (this includes non-player siblings).
  • Locker rooms are available for team meetings: request a key from the Apex staff at the front desk.

Rule 1 – The Ball

  • Size 4 – Under 11 and Under 12/13 Combined Flights
  • Size 5 – Under 13-18 Flights

Rule 2 – The Number of Players

Team Size:

  • A game is played by two teams of six (6) players including the goalkeeper and with no less than four (4) players
  • A player may be rostered with only one (1) team on any given day of the competition.

Substitution Procedure:

  • Substitutions are unlimited and may be made at any time including goalkeepers.
  • Climbing / jumping over the bench wall will result in an automatic two (2) minute penalty.

Rule 3 – The Duration of the Game

  • The players will play a 30 minute game with running clock, NO half time.
  • Teams will always defend the goal nearest their team bench
  • The clock shall only be stopped for serious injuries as determined by the game officials.
  • Match kick-offs will occur every 35 minutes with the clock will start promptly at the scheduled game time: have your team ready to play.
  • Once the final buzzer sounds for a match, the teams must collect their gear and exit the bench area as soon as they are done shaking hands. Coaches can hold post-match meetings in the lobby areas or a locker room, but not in the bench area. 

Rule 4 – The Ball In and Out of Play

  • The ball is out of play when:
  • It touches any part of the protective netting, or leaves the field of play. The game is restarted by a free kick from the point the ball went out of play
  • Balls that hit the ceiling net will be placed directly below where the ball hit the net
  • Play has been stopped by the referee
  • The ball is in play at all other times including when:
  • It rebounds from a goalpost or crossbar and remains in the field of play
  • It rebounds from the referee when they are on the field of play

Rule 5 – Delay of Game (Three Line Violation)

  • If the goalkeeper within the goal area sends the ball in the air, crossing all three (3) dividing lines towards the opponent’s goal without touching another player or perimeter wall, delay of game shall be called
  • The ball will be placed on the first line for the opponent to restart play with a free kick.

Rule 6 – Fouls and Misconduct

  • NO SLIDING or SLIDE TACKLING (exception: goalkeepers within their goal area)
  • No Punting allowed
  • Any player who commits one of the following offences shall be penalized and the opposing team awarded a direct free kick:
  • Kicks or attempts to kick an opponent
  • Trips or attempts to trip an opponent
  • Pushes an opponent or holds an opponent
  • Dangerous play
  • The goalkeeper takes more than 6 seconds to release the ball into play
  • Opponents must be 15’ away before kick is allowed.

Rule 7 – Free Kicks

  • All free kicks are direct and the ball must be stationary before kicked
  • Balls that hit the side netting or enter the player bench area shall be placed at the spot where the ball went out of play, no more than one (1) yard from the boards/glass
  • The player taking the free kick shall have five (5) seconds to put the ball in play
  • Failure to put ball into play within five (5) seconds will result in awarding the opposing team the free kick
  • Opposing players must be at least 15’ away from the spot of the free kick
  • Players not complying with the 15’ protected area may be issued a Card for unsportsmanlike behavior
  • If the free kick occurs in the goal area, the spot of the kick is at the top of the goal area
  • The kicker may not touch the ball a second time until another player has touched the ball
  • A drop ball shall occur if in the judgment of the referee, neither team was in clear possession of the ball at the time of stoppage

Rule 8 – The Penalty Kick

  • A penalty kick is taken from the top of the goal area
  • It is awarded when any foul occurs inside the goal area
  • Only the goalkeeper and the kicker are allowed inside the defending team’s 50’ line
  • All other players must be behind the defending team’s 50’ line before the kick is allowed
  • The goalkeeper may move along the goal line but not off the goal line
  • The kicker cannot touch the ball twice until it has been touched by another player

Rule 9 – Goalkeeper Distribution & Corner Kick

  • If the ball leaves the field of play having been played by the offensive team between the 2 corner spots, the ball will be put back into play by the goalkeeper in the goal area
  • If the ball leaves the field of play having been played by the defending team between the 2 corner posts, the ball will be placed on the corner spot of the side the ball left the field and put into play with a free kick by the offensive team

Rule 10 - Point System & Tie Breakers

Point System: A team can accrue a maximum of 11 points per match as follows:

  • Win = 7 points
  • Tie = 4 points
  • Shutout = 1 point
  • Goals = 1 point per goal (3 points max)
  • Loss = 0 points

Tie Breakers: In the event of a tie in points at the end of bracket play, the teams to advance will be determined as follows:

  1. The winner in head-to-head competition
  2. Fewest goals against
  3. Goal differential
  4. Goals for (max 3)
  5. Red Cards (-1pt per ejection)
  6. If a tie still exists after steps 1 through 5, the winner will be determined by coin toss.
  7. If finals matches end in a tie, the winner will be determined by penalty shootout.